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Professional Counseling
Helpline for Abortion Recovery &

  Millie Lace, LPC, DCC License # POO11032
  Licensed Professional Counselor & Distance Credentialed Counselor
Kenya Liddell,  LPC, DCC License # P1403031 
Licensed Professional Counselor & Distance Credentialed Counselor 
Alicia Peeler Turner, LPC License # P1204047

              Licensed Professional Counselor                 


                                      A Plain & Simple Life is a Full Life

     We desire happiness and long for peace.  A plain and simple life.  But in our pursuit it gets complicated  
​  at times.  If you are experiencing sadness or difficulty, please contact us at 870.238.4329.  We are here to help.  

                                - Proverbs 13:7 b MSG

       If you are thinking that talking with someone about what you are going through may help you move forward,      
 consider counseling to help you along your journey. 

  • Do you struggle with relationships?
  • Have you been feeling down lately?
  • ​Do you have flashbacks of a past traumatic event?
  • ​Have you experienced a recent loss?


     You can experience psychotherapy in the office or online.  GET STARTED TODAY! 

 Office hours are 8:30 am-4:00 pm Monday - Friday.  Online appointments have wider flexibility.


     If you are hurting after abortion and would like to talk with a phone consultant who has experienced the pain but  has healed to help others, please call the Internatioal Helpline for Abortion Recovery & Prevention at 866.482.LIFE for a free, 

 confidential  call. You are not alone!


If you are in crisis,
please contact

Deaf Call 800.799.4TTY